Bramwells Bitter


The Stats

Alcohol (ABV): 
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A Tribute to…

Paddy Bramwells

In Their Own Words – The Reviews Are In

What follows is a true and faithful review of Bramwells’ Bitter. You, dear reader, must first be made aware that this is written by Famos Bramwells himself, festival compere and retired street performer. Yes, he that is on the label.

You would be forgiven for thinking that reviewing a beer that was not only made in my honour, but created with my specific taste buds in mind, would make me an untrustworthy witness; biased and overly complimentary.

Also the circumstances of my first tasting this beer; in my Canadian hotel room after successfully completing my first street shows in 7 years would seem to make me more open to feelings of gratitude and joy that would somehow cloud my judgement.

Not so.

Keep in mind dear reader that I am English.


We do not mess around when it comes to beer and especially bitter.

So here goes.

Bramwells’ Bitter is beautiful.  Darkish gold, with a magical translucence that sparkles. The aroma is heady, with hints of both the comfort of the past pubs with the excitement of a future yet to be enjoyed. The mouthfeel is smooth and mature. Then the taste! It is joyous, deep and layered with hops, with a long finish and a gentle malty kick at the end. It is fabulous.

This is the creation of brewer who is passionate about what he is making.

I will leave the last remarks to my son, (lead guitarist in Average Life Complaints and, as Famos Jr, producer of techno) in case you are still worrying about my possible bias; “Yes, yes, yes! This is amazing! I don’t really like bitter but I would drink this any day of the week!”