Inspired by Clowns. Enjoyed By All!

Updates to Big Opening!!!

Many thanks for visiting the Checkerhead Brewing website and for your interest in our nano brewery. When am I going to open? Well…

How long is a piece of string?

It’s a bit difficult to answer as, although the facility is getting really close to being production ready, there are a number of inspections that are required before I’ll officially be able to fire up the system and start brewing beer.

Rest assured that as soon as there’s beer to be consumed I’ll be letting the world know via this website and via social media. I look forward to welcoming you to our little piece of paradise and to a story behind every beer I serve.

All About Checkerhead Brewing

My first REAL experience with beer was in my last year of high school and involved far too many stubbies of Labatt Blue and ended with me projectile vomiting and redecorating my friend Mark’s bedroom. He eventually forgave me, but the taste of Blue evokes memories of humiliating myself.

It wasn’t until growler-fills started to be a thing in North Vancouver around 2013 that “Craft Beer” really caught my attention. Fresh Beer out of a growler just tasted so good!


When I received a “Brew Your Own Beer” kit for Father’s Day in 2015 it felt like being given the keys to the car for the very first time! You mean, I could actually MAKE THIS MYSELF! WOOHOO! I haven’t looked back since!

Since 1981 I’ve had the chance to travel the world as a comedy juggler and have met some of the most incredibly gifted weirdos that walk the planet. I was inspired to brew beers dedicated to these glorious misfits, these people I LOVE, beers that capture their personality and essence became my quest. Beers that are:

Inspired by Clowns.

Enjoyed by all!




Tribute Brews

Steaming Butterfly California Common

This brew takes centre stage, inspired by our beloved Robert Nelson, The Butterfly Man.  A trailblazer and a one of a kind.

OG Koji Kolsch

Killer Koji never knows when to quit.  A deeply refreshing brew with complex flavours to get you through your adolescence.

In Jest ESB

What’s Lurking in the background of this English Style Pale-Ale? A Kiwi Clown on stilts of course.  From Hawaii to Oceania, complex and wonderful.

Heavy Magic IPA

What made this beer?  Magic.  Magic and a big fuck-off anvil held by a dangerous primate.

Minnie Maniac Coconut Blonde

A cheeky number.  A spinner and a twirler, world travelled and, yes, totally blonde.

Catapult Honey Tripel

Catch THIS on your head.  From one of the palest brews sponsored by Norco inner tubes.  With a delicious kick of honey to add flavour and BOOZE.


Hefe with a Comic Daredevil twist.  Refreshing on a hot summer day, or avoiding COVID 19 on a cruise ship.

OP Saison

Smooth as the vocal stylings of Mr. Smooth himself.  A Saison that is always in Saison.

Wee Zebra ISA

Who has ever seen a friggin’ ostrich on a zebra?  Who hasn’t seen Glen0 Grande atop his trusty steed?  Ma’am.

“What were they thinking? ‘It’s an alien apocalypse! Quick, grab the beer!'”

— Rick Yancey, The 5th Wave

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